International CTEPH Association (ICA)

The International CTEPH Association is an organisation of physicians, surgeons and other medically qualified professionals committed to advancing the diagnosis and treatment of CTEPH, and thus improving the clinical outcome and long-term care for affected patients.

The Association’s key objectives are to:

• Increase awareness of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH)
• Advance research and evaluate new therapeutic approaches in CTEPH
• Foster worldwide collaboration among CTEPH centres
• Improve education to facilitate training and improving education of emerging centres
• Provide clinical expert opinion to surgical and interventional centres

The ICA is dedicated to working together with patient organisations and partners to reach these objectives. The Association ensures that all projects undertaken are to the benefit of patients exclusively and remain independent of commercial interest.

Current ongoing initiatives:

New International CTEPH registry
International BPA registry
Triennial International Conference on CTEPH


[Endorsed project]

CLARITY is a global, descriptive, observational, cross-sectional scientific survey developed by an independent committee of international CTEPH experts using the Delphi method. ICA endorses the CLARITY project.

If you are a hospital-based medical specialist likely to intervene on the path of a pulmonary embolism or CTEPH patient, you are warmly welcome to contribute.


The ICA are delighted to announce the publication of baseline data from the New International CTEPH Registry (Guth S et al., ERJ 2021; doi: 10.1183/23120541.00850-2020). This analysis revealed noticeable differences in patient characteristics, particularly in the rates of pulmonary embolism and the sex ratio, and in therapeutic approaches between Japan and other countries (mainly Europe and the US).