TEAM (TrEatment Approach in the Multimodal Era) Registry

The TEAM Registry is designed as a prospective, observational, multicentre, multinational registry to investigate the longitudinal management of newly-referred CTEPH patients at expert centres offering all three currently available treatment modalities to patients, i.e. PEA surgery, BPA and medical treatment. Patient enrolment started in April 2023 and will continue for 24 months or until reaching 1000 participants. Registry closure is expected at the end of April 2028, after a 3-year follow-up period.

The main objectives of the registry are to:

  • Document the multimodality approach to CTEPH
  • Measure outcomes in terms of survival and post-treatment experience
  • Record complication rates of interventional treatments (PEA and BPA)
  • Document vital status at 1, 3 and 5 years

The TEAM Registry involves expert centres from around the globe. Site activation is currently ongoing; for a list of participating centres, please visit the registry’s entry on

The registry is set up as a collaborative study between the ICA and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, who are providing financial support.

More information on the study is available on under NCT05629052.